25 April, 2011

24 April, 2011

"Klaus" 2x19

I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you Elena when both of these delicious boys are fighting over you and one wrong move throws them into distress. I mean look at them :(

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Depressing Damon

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20 April, 2011

Which is your favorite Paul Wesley onscreen face?

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Coachella - Armani Exchange BBQ

       The One.
       The Only. 
Sexy Somerhalder.

(ps this picture is better zoomed in so feel free to click on it)

I think we all know who the hotter twin is...

17 April, 2011

Is it just me or did this make anyone else feel awkward when they were watching?
The "oh shit I just slapped you for no reason" look.

Making it easier to emotionally connect with your friends that just died and came back to life.


Did anyone realize Klaus walked into Elena's "safe house" uninvited? Is anyone confused on how the whole Klaus/Alaric thing works? Well here it is...

"In Alaric’s body, Klaus is still able to use his compulsion (on Katherine, Dana, the boys that beat up Jeremy) but is otherwise limited to human capabilities. He can enter Elena’s safe house, because Alaric’s body is not subject to the threshold rule. He has no access to Alaric’s memories or knowledge."

14 April, 2011

"The Last Dance" Recap

                         The Last Dance (which never happened)
  1. It’s about time Elena and Stefan went back to school. With all the free time Elena has I’m sure she has straight A’s. 
        2. Klaus entering "Elena's" house without being invited in.

        3. Why are we just now seeing Damon’s moves 40 episodes in? I felt what is was like to have hot flashes and I’m too young for that.

        4. Hate the entire Caroline/Matt situation. They’re acting like she’s completely different but really the only thing that’s changed is she’s less annoying and can kick Matt’s ass if he ever did anything like idk, GO BEHIND HER BACK AND PLOT WITH HER MOM? Matt just bugged me.

        5. I had a bucket ready for the next time Katherine stabbed her leg. 
I want to just tell her to not look into his eyes you idiot...but I’m not sure how that would go down.

        6. Bonnie and Jeremy were just so cute at the end. If Jeremy’s girlfriends were 0/3 in survival rate, even his boyish charm wouldn’t keep a girl around. It would probably be for the best if he just skipped the whole dating/marriage/evertalkingtoagirlevenasfriends thing. I’d be scared even if I was Elena.
        7. The season finale has to end with a bang and it is not looking good for you Bonnie.

        8. Damon pretty much hit the spot with Stefan. “In the end, I’ll be the one keeping her alive”
Love you Stefan but he’s totally right!

        9. Had a feeling Elena would take the dagger out of Elijah. That’s the only other way to kill Klaus right?

                   For next episode

SO EXCITED for the Stefan/Damon fight. I think their issue is self explanatory.